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Gentle Town is self-hosted and running entirely on donations; please consider setting up regular patronage or making a one-time donation on our Liberapay to support the project.

What is Gentle Town?

Gentle Town is a generalistic Fediverse instance based on the premise of global degrowth. As anticapitalists, we believe globalised degrowth is the only possible option in a world ran through by overexploitation of resources and the expectation that one needs to upscale everything for it to be relevant by the socioeconomic capitalist standards. At Gentle Town we believe in the power of smaller social networks, with open-source code and a more democratic experience in the face of constantly upscaling spaces and as a way to bring degrowth into our daily lives. In that sense, like the name suggests, we are a local-oriented community that tries to be a space where genuine relationships between its users can flourish.

We run hometown, a fork of Mastodon. Check out their GitHub repo for more info.

Banned content

Engaging in or encouraging these behaviors will result in the immediate banning of an user’s account on Gentle Town or an instance/user suspension:

  • Sexual depictions of children and minors, non-consensual sexual depictions of adults.
  • White nationalist and adjacent positions. Holocaust denial, (crypto)fascism, and Nazi imagery are strictly forbidden.
  • Advertising for private, for-profit companies. At Gentle Town we support an open internet, free of advertisements, engagement algorithms and proprietary projects; though it is inevitable to use and talk about these companies, we do not want to promote them. Advertising of personal work, donation links and open source projects is fine, as is recommending private services when asked.
  • Malicious software and behavior. The server is expected to be spam-free, phishing-free and DDoS-free for the safety of other Gentle Neighbors. Cryptomining and unapproved bots are also prohibited.
  • Harassment, dogpiling and doxxing. Targeted harassment towards an individual or a group on the Fediverse, through quoting and linking as to “expose” said individual or group, or unwanted interactions will not be tolerated. We, as a server, try to encourage critical discussion and “herding in” people who make mistakes, and this behavior is contrary to that philosophy. This is not to say we won’t take action on reports of people and instances violating or CoC.
  • Engaging in oppressive behaviors towards marginalised groups. We do not allow misogyny, racism, LGBTphobia, xenophobia, ableism or classism.
  • Intentional spreading of misinformation. This can be libel or slander (misinformation about a person’s behavior) or generally fake information on the media, as well as pseudosciences, scams and conspiracies.
  • Untagged NSFW (sexually explicit content, violent imagery).

Moderation and blocklist

All reports will be reviewed personally by an admin, and there is full confidentiality about the identity of the reporter. We encourage you to use the Report button, as it’s easier to keep track of the changes in our suspension and silence list with that feature.

Instance blocklist is available upon request by Gentle Neighbors and trusted admins.


Mastodon-based software has a Content Warning feature; it allows people to add a Read More button to their posts, separating subject and content. As the name suggests, it’s mostly used to warn other people about the potentially upsetting content under the cut, including images as well. We encourage the use of this feature liberally; some common CWs are:

  • Sexual content, explicit or otherwise
  • Nudity
  • Politics and news
  • Violent imagery, explicit or otherwise
  • Drugs, alcohol
  • Food and weight discussion
  • Mental health and physical health (suicide, anxiety, medication…)
  • Spoilers
  • Hate topics
  • Non-screen reader-friendly posts (emoji spam)

Some common abreviations in CWs are:

  • +/~/-: positive, mixed, negative opinions/talk
  • pol: politics (uspol, eupok, ukpol…)
  • sui: suicidal
  • csa: childhood sexual abuse
  • lewd: sexual NSFW
  • meta: talk about the Fediverse

It’s best to be as specific as possible in the content warning so that the people know what they’re potentially facing, and since you can filter out words from your timeline, it’s reasonable not to censor words with asterisks l*ke so, as they cannot be filtered and are often difficult to read.

In addition to the use of Content Warnings, we encourage the use of the image captioning feature for visually impaired users and we urge you to explicitly state your pronouns and what you want people to call you somewhere visible on your profile (bio, links, pinned toots) as an effort to normalize these practices and not putting trans and gender non-conforming people at risk.

About this Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is fairly superficial, as the size of the instance hopefully allows us to moderate our own members in a lax manner, but the content bans listed here are non-negotiable. If any incident requires us to add any modifications to the CoC, the changes will be logged.