What recommendations do you have to start a Mastodon instance ?

I've been thinking to start one for people from my country (), but i'd like some advice if possible


* the docker image saves you a lot of hassle when you break things, and is easier if you need to upgrade capacity from everything on one machine to one machine for the DB and one for redis etc

* digital ocean has the nicest UX but is more expensive than AWS, use what you're comfortable with

* don't fuck with the stylesheets unless you want to break everything

* read the prod guide cover to cover

* have a plan for how you'll deal with spam accounts - manually doing it isn't enough


re: admin 

@skrlet13 don't think only about the technical stuff but do some PR doing marketing, blog posting, patreon and explain why users should choose your instance. Also having a good logo is better.

New instance advice 

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