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imposible ser neutral en un tren en movimiento 🎵

fedi discourse question 

basically gender is bad and we should all strive to destroy it and express ourselves outside its categories etc etc (in a very summarized way that needs nuance that i'm willing to say in DMs if asked)

spicy take on masculinity discourse 

i've been reading jenny odell's "how to do nothing" and it's quickly becoming one of my fave books

Modelos vitales, iguales, perfectos
No pueden comprar con dinero
todo lo que siento

Somos victimas del estimulo

personally i feel this drop into the jungle on deceptively calm waters is a Mood and i'm glad i captured it is a new, generalistic instance that is looking for friendly users willing to be part of a local-oriented community.

we run the lightweight masto fork Hometown that @darius mantains. hello, and fediverse at large!

i have a massive cold because i rode a bus that had the AC on after drenching myself in waterfall water

a Mistake

i haven't been very active lately because, as you guys know from my previous account, i'm away on a trip. but i promise tons of pretty pics when i come back! (i miss editing, i only get to do it once a year :>)

hello, everyone! i'm izzy, and i run the instance

i am very much into poetry and visual arts, all mythologies sacred and profane and linguistics.

i'm a former philosophy undergraduate and prospective computer technician.

once i saw a fresco at santa croce in florence and i cried. i feel like that says something about me.

i'm very excited to be here; please be kind!

Gentle Town

Gentle Town is a generalistic Mastodon instance that believes in the sustainable model of anticapitalist degrowth. We are a small, friendly community that aspires to be a place to rest for travelers of the Fediverse, somewhere people can sit down, look up at the stars and discover new constellations.