quick question, though: custom emojis are showing as their descriptors after migrating servers and i'm not sure how to refresh that. some avatars and headers are also not loading, mostly on local accounts. help?!


is yunohost.org down for anyone else? please test and reply if you can

i keep wondering if i could migrate G.T to my raspi with . anyone know if i actually can or is it only for vanilla mastodon?

dear fedi,

would you like a tarot reading? it's more like guiding you through your introspection with the help of tarot, but, like, i would be very happy to do it

it'd be completely free ofc :spellbook:


the pixel art was commissioned last summer and it's by sophialoreart.wixsite.com/; the full body art is by a friend, the portrait i made myself

and this is my character; she's a druid (arctic circle) dwarf who was cast out after being born during a thunderstorm, a bad omen. she's grown resentful of dwarven customs and hopes to find a more accepting chosen family, but she can't quite shed her background and she's a bit surly and wary of outsiders. she's starting to grow fond of her party, though.

eye contact (humanoid and animal) in the drawings below

i think i'm going to do an experiment during the remaining month of september:

- no boosting
- only public toots allowed are admin notices and local-only
- replies > favorites, unless bookmark

so enjoy my followers-only toots and DMs, see you on the flipside :heart_cyber:

The Perpetual Pronouns Discourse 

@compostablespork I'm a big fan of test-packing precisely because discovering you had more room than expected is one of the best possible feelings. Congrats!

hyperfixation talk (~) 

@mavica i'm sorry, then ): hopefully you find a RP group soon!

@mavica mavica, do you know the game VA-11 Hall-A?

@tina pero si eres un encanto :p y las RRPP cuentan un poco como saber de todo, como el jack of all trades de los bardos de DnD

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