i think i need an external nudge that gives me a sense of direction without forcing me into hard situations without my consent, and maybe someone else's reading is what i'd like?

if you'd be willing to do a free tarot reading (can be a small one for sure) for someone stuck with their own interpretations and at life, please hmu?


i've been struggling a lot with mental health, feeling very stuck and vaguely narcoleptic (sleep is one of my Bad Coping Mechanisms) and i can't even resort to tarot to guide my own tangled inner thoughts because the cards seem incomprehensible at times. i don't know what to do

before i go off the grid, though, i'm thinking of taking up reading as a more mindful activity to invest my time on. I wanted to ask y'all for book recs, like, the four books that you'd most recommend to any person in the world (or me in particular, if you know me)

i'm mostly into poetry and non-fiction but all is good. please help with recs and/or a :boost_ok:?

hey, everyone

im here to tell you i'm going off the grid for an indefinite amount of time. while i'm not a frequent poster, i do spend a ridiculous amount of lurking on the fediverse, and the possibility of saying things shapes my way of interacting with the world and makes it performative, i become dissociated from my own acts and it's having very dire consequences for my mental health

so, i've decided to give myself a break. i'll be gone for at least a month, but if this goes well, it might go on for longer, just a heads-up

i love you all, take care :heart_cyber:

like my followers-only toots were talking about, i've been feeling pretty spiritual in the past few days, and i want to hone my intuition and insight while the kick lasts, so:

i'm offering :sigil: free tarot readings :sigil: to anyone who wants one, any questions, any spreads

:boost_ok: if you want to boost or link to someone you think might be interested, you're super welcome to :)

i should save this for , but it's probably already monday somewhere and my hair is doing the lil flip so fuck it

(eye contact in selfie)

trans death, religion (+) 

i'm feeling like watching some cozy anime, slice of life witg maybe cooking or some craft, mostly i want an atmosphere like mushishi or eve no jikan, but less fantasy/sci fi and more quotidian

any recommendations? :boost_ok: i would really like to watch something comforting tonight

i'm very desperate about finding other players tbh and i know riot is shit and everything but it's a free to play, free to win game where you don't really have to give money to shitty devs and it's super fun, like fancy chess so YEAH pls boost

looking for fediversian league players that aren't assholes, :boost_ok: 

first warm coffee of the schoolyear, first night of rough sleep because my sheets and pjs were too summer-y

autumn is here yay 🍂

instance presentation :boost_ok: 

yesterday @compostablespork was talking about this photographer's work on iceland and i wanted to share a link to his portfolio because the mere sight of some of the pictures made me weep. he's very good, very tender in his light.


@onethousandtwentyfour hey, @darius you might want to check this? we suspect something went wrong with our asset precompilation but it could also be the hometown code

@radikalgrafitio @onethousandtwentyfour mine is also a rp 3 b+; it is more demanding than pleroma and you need a bunch of cronjobs if you don't want the cache and remote media to absolutely mess with the raspi, but it works and it runs fairly smoothly

the small stuff 

i'm izzy, and i run the instance gentle.town; i'm a former philosophy student that has gotten into tech and nowadays spends most of the time fiddling with sysadmin stuff.

i'm a big fan of visual arts, both as an audience and as a maker. i love discovering new places, poetry, and mythologies in a broad sense of the word.

i like to post and read about the smaller things in life that make it worth living.

Gentle Town

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