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*puts on ruby red sunglasses* folks “build it and they will come” is NOT the mass line

itʼs like, double­‑strength oolong brewed in boiling water for five minutes

my dad made tea for dinner but he doesnʼt know tea and he made it WAY strong

i also need a new phone before i can use iOS 13 anyway

i also need a new phone because mine just Doesnʼt Work but

itʼs entirely possible that emoji wonʼt drop until a later release though, given how quickly this one is coming out

everyone else: excited about iOS 13.1 because critical bugfixes

me: excited about iOS 13.1 because maybe emoji??

you can do work without love and this isnʼt a criticism of people contributing to open projects (like same, Have You Seen My GitHub)—but if youʼre gonna phrase your commitment to open source through a rhetoric of love i think itʼs a very pertinent question whether open source loves you back

that quote about unrequited love keeping minorities invested in a nation which doesnʼt love them back only instead of America itʼs open source

now on page 40 of the results and becoming increasingly convinced that “Romance” is just a perverted form of speculative fiction written by rich white women

you realize that if it gets a second pressing though youʼre gonna have to change that cover

“Published Once Before”

sticking “Never Before Published” on the cover of your new novel: bold

browsing my local library ebooks collection by release date for anything even remotely resembling this description and iʼm back through 2017 and have found maybe… oneish?

and just to err on the side of maybe possibly actually getting responses letʼs assume a very lenient definition of “good”

“Tammy is divorced and 40 years old and has been working the same job for the past 15 years and has two kids and a secret past she never talks about. Then suddenly this boy she used to know back in college shows up, and he is a rich businessman now, but he knows all about her dark past she has tried to hide so well!! Their history becomes harder and harder to ignore and will they make it out alive?? And will they fall in love??” not this, this is what i do not want

people who read english­‑language

what are some good ones which arenʼt unbearably straight and donʼt have protagonists with extremely boring lives or job security

or weird gimmicks or dark backstories or trauma that they are trying to fix with a relationship

just like, ordinary people, dating

i think we should eschew branding and just go back to Augustan English sentimental naming schemes

“The exploration of wilderness: An interactive journey through the mythical land of Hyrule”

“A program other than UNIX: A free software *NIX implementation for all your devices”

which is which is an exercise left for the reader

these are not feelings, they are Very Professional Opinions interspersed with jokes

you: 2AM (Remix), donʼt you talk about your feelings literally all the time on the social media software, Mastodon???

me, laughing:

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